jimrugg (jimrugg) wrote,

Craigs Comic Book Show and Copacetic Comics Commission

I will be attending another regional comics show on Sunday, November 2nd at the Holiday Inn at Greentree. For details, visit Craig's Comic Book Show. Ron Frenz will also be there. I'm eager to meet him. I'll have books, prints, sketches, the usual. So if you're in the neighborhood, please stop by!

Here is a drawing for a local comic book store, Copacetic Comics, actually for its owner, Bill Boichel. As a comics fan, I feel fortunate to live in the Pittsburgh area. We are spoiled by a number of good comic book shops like Phantom of the Attic in Oakland, Phantom of the Attic in Monroeville, Duncan Comics, Eides, New Dimension...between all these stores, its pretty easy to find most comics. We're also lucky that the stores are operated by a number of committed and knowledgeable people.

It's difficult to single out one store above the others because they are so diverse. But Bill's small store in Squirrel Hill is perhaps the most interesting and eclectic, not least of all because of the man behind the counter. He's helped me as a cartoonist by finding and recommending a number of great comics, CDs, DVDs, and in general with his wealth of comics and film history as well as encouragement of my own work. Every comics fan should be lucky enough to have a store like Copacetic Comics in their neighborhood.

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