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Dark Horse Presents, Laura Park, Frank Santoro



When I was a kid, I found a copy of Dark Horse Presents #1. It featured a character named Black Cross by Chris Warner (others may remember another character from that issue - Concrete) that blew me away. Not long after that, Frank Miller made his way back to comics after a stint in Hollywood. And one of his first comics was Sin City, serialized in Dark Horse Presents!

Today Dark Horse Presents is an online anthology, and I'm pleased to point you to the latest issue, featuring a story that I drew and Zack Whedon wrote. Our story stars Penny, from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Let me know what you think of it!


1. Laura Park is an awesome cartoonist! And she's currently taking commissions. Check out her work, maybe you'll want to commission something, maybe not. Either way, take a peek. She's fantastic!

2. My good friend and mentor, the great Frank "Cold Heat" and "Storeyville" Santoro, has begun a fascinating blog. Frank is one of the more eloquent speakers and writers making comics these days. And his comics interests include a lot of 80s independents that don't often receive attention. A year or so ago, he began buying these books when he would come across them in local stores (going to a good comic book store with Frank is a highlight reel experience not to be missed). Then he would take these little known gems to shows, talk about them, and sell them. I suppose the response to this has been pretty good, and now he's started a blog for those who can't make it to his show appearances. The best part of the blog though, is he writes a bit about each book - what makes it interesting, maybe some context about the work or cartoonist, just great, insightful info. He also posts some artwork to illustrate what he's talking about. I LOVE this stuff. You might too.
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