jimrugg (jimrugg) wrote,

Out of the Gutter: Sexploitation

sexploitation illustration

Out of the Gutter is a crime fiction anthology I enjoy reading. I did the cover art for the 5th issue. I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out, I felt it was too busy for the small space of the cover. So for the upcoming 6th issue, I decided to try something more iconic and simple. This issue's theme is sexploitation. I'm not sure this is the final illustration, but it's a little different for me so I thought I would post it.

If you enjoy crime fiction, I encourage you to check out Out of the Gutter as well as Murdaland.
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Sweet pic! Lines like wood engravings. Barry Moser, siddown!
This is a great image man, the catholic school girl scandal!
your art sauce is always slick!
Great stuff.
This is awesomeeeee. Man, you are so talented.
I agree with Purvision, definitely a wood-cut print feel to this. Can't get much more iconic than leg's n' heels. Great work!
Fucking lovely.
Excellent design, I like the composition!



July 1 2009, 13:22:57 UTC 8 years ago

This is totally hawt!